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Overview of our services

  • Comprehensive interdisciplinary consultation on building, purchase and optimising of buildings
  • Pilot survey, realisation studies
Basic Evaluation
  • Condition assessment, substance analysis
  • Compilation of space allocation-/ function programs
  • List of target catalogs with individual input
  • Composition of creative preliminary design- and realisation concepts
  • 3D-Animation, photorealistic visualisation
  • Calculation of costs / estimation
  • Pre-building inquiries, building law clarification
Design phase
  • Creative outline planning including all specifications
  • Draft accompanying practical calculation of costs
Licence planning
  • Development of the input for the neccesary governmental licence or acceptance
  • Creation of building application plan documents
Implementation planning
  • Creation of room books, precise building description
  • Composition of practical and economical execution planning
  • objective-orientated detail- and constructionplanning for effective value conserving damage-free building
Construction Contract Procedures
  • VOB-suitable quantity-and mass calculation
  • Generating comprehensive specifications for single-, package- or general contractor allocations
  • Concept of proposal-and contract conditions
Participation of the award procedure
  • Obtaining, check and evaluation of offers
  • Price comparison lists, contract negotiations
  • Cost estimate according to DIN 276
Construction Management / Surveillance
  • Compilation and surveillance of construction schedule
  • Competent and customer oriented object surveillance
  • Continuing project documentation, builders diary
  • Preparation / contribution building work approval
  • Audit, cost determination according to DIN 276
Project management
  • General planner of complex special buildings
  • Selective assistance at the development, organisation and planning of construction projects
  • Generating of target catalogs and surveillance
  • Coordination of different approval procedures
  • Compilation and surveillance of cost and schedule plans
  • Coordination and surveilance of project participants
  • Continuing quality assurance
Building maintenance
  • Contact person for object operator, administrator, owner and facility management for all technical questions and tasks related to optimal building management
  • Efficient, external "construction management"
  • Technical and construction assessment & analysis
  • Digital building documentation according to specifications in detail
  • Planning documents for certificate of completeness
  • Feasibility studies according to individual goals
  • Refund of structural damage survey with investigation of causes, reclamation concept and cost estimation
  • Representation of customer interests at the quality assurance, approval and accounting of building work